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Studio Wezäta - the breakthrough of color photography in Swedish advertising


This is a beautiful and fascinating photo book about the Gothenburg company Wezäta's photo studio. With productions such as Volvo's advertising, the Ica calendar and the Big Cookbook, they took color photography straight into the Swedish folk home.
In the 1940s, Swedish cookbooks were illustrated with black and white pictures of, for example, pastries or smorgasbord tables. In tourist brochures for Norwegian fjords or Dutch tulip fields, the pictures were black and white. Color photography therefore became a sensation when it came and in Sweden it had its big breakthrough during the 1950s.
Thanks to the fact that chief photographer Sixten Sandell experimented early with color photography techniques, Wezäta was one of the pioneers of color photography in Swedish advertising. When companies competed to be seen most during the record years in the fifties, Wezäta quickly became one of the most important players in advertising Sweden.
At Wezäta, advertising was produced for Saab, Marabou, Mazetti, SKF and many other large companies. The period-typical color and advertising photographs, from the 1930s until the 1960s, were long forgotten in the company's archive. Many envelopes with photographs have now been opened for the first time in over fifty years to be republished here. Based on these photographs, stories from studio staff and an introduction to the development of color photography techniques, we get to follow the story of how photographic advertising in Sweden went from black and white to color.


Author: Ida Dicksson,

Format: Hardcover

Language: Swedish

Publisher: Votum

ISBN: 9789187283819

Number of pages: 207

Release Date: 2016-05-17

Dimensions: 277 x 247 x 20 mm

Studio Wezäta - the breakthrough of color photography in Swedish advertising

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