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 About bySwedes

Welcome to  bySwedes, a platform for you who like Sweden and products that have been manufactured, designed, have their origin or origin in Sweden, or have another direct connection to Sweden. Quite simply: bySwedes.


Many exciting and fascinating stories about people, products and events related to Sweden await you on this platform. They will make you proud and happy whether you are Swedish, have your roots in Sweden or just like Sweden.


Our product range will gradually be expanded. We make a soft start with a limited number of carefully selected products from a few product groups.

Våra fraktpriser vid leverans inom Sverige: 
Vid köp för 0-449:- frakt: 49:-.

Vid Köp för 450-799:- frakt: 39:-.
Vid köp för 800:- eller mer, frakt: 0:-.
och de vanligaste
kredit- & betalkorten


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