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Sweden is a country in change on many levels. One thing that has not changed, however, is the creativity, inventor enthusiasm and innovative creativity that has characterized Sweden and the Swedes in recent centuries.

There is a lot to tell and be proud of under the headlines: 
Swedish export successes; Swedish American immigrants who have succeeded; Swedish innovations / inventions; etc.

The article basket will be filled afterwards.

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Swedish export successes:

- Hasselbladkameran

- The Dala Horse (coming soon)

- The safety stick, the safe match

Successful Swedish American immigrants:

- The Greyhound buses - a Swedish success story

- Curtis Carlson - from "Gold Bonds" to large international group (coming soon)

- Gideon Sundbäck fixed the zipper

Swedish innovations / Inventions:

- The pacemaker - the box that saves lives every day

- The three-point belt (coming soon)

- John Ericsson: Pioneering inventor of, among other things, the first useful propeller

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