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Vattenriket (English/engelska)


Few areas in Sweden are able to offer a more varied natural landscape than Vattenriket in Kristianstad.
     Join wildlife photographer Patrik Olofsson on a journey through a diverse landscape where inaccessible wilderness borders on urban waterways where otters swim in the city's canals and White-tailed Eagles daily circle the rooftops.
Visit wet meadows, swamp forests and reed beds. Travel along meandering, willow-lined waterways and through pastures and beech forest ravines.
     Experience Vattenriket, one of Sweden's most diverse and unique habitats where you will find many of our endangered flora and fauna. Vattenriket is a book about Sweden's first UNESCO biosphere reserve, established in 2005.
Kristianstad was founded in the 17th century as a defence installation in the middle of this wetland. The Helge å river and its fluctuating water levels are still a major feature of the city.

The book is published in Swedish, English and German.
ISBN Swedish: 9789188435231
ISBN English: 9789188435248
ISBN German: 9789188435255


Author: Patrik Olofsson

Binding: Hardback

Language: English

Publisher: Votum & Gullers Förlag

ISBN: 9789188435248

Page count: 204

Published: 2017-07-20

Size: 276x245x22 mm

Vattenriket (English)

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