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The king of the forest - outside your door!

This variant in untreated  beautiful magnelis plate. Hanging right or left. Swedish text.


Let us present a beautiful, inviting and slightly different item that welcomes your guests even before they have even had time to knock on your door.

    The stately MOOSE is beautifully carved in weather-resistant material that has been processed into a number of different designs. The product is made of 1.5 mm Swedish quality steel.

    This model of "King of the Forest" has a width of 35 cm and a height of 23  cm. Available in three different price ranges depending on the design.


The product is currently available in three languages: German, English and Swedish. All variants are available on the right or left side.

Welcome sign - "King of the Forest ..." - untreated sheet metal (SWEDISH TEXT)

249,00 krPrice

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