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Skogens konung (King of the forest)


The moose is perhaps the most internationally known animal in Sweden. In beautiful, informative, exciting and wonderful photos, the King of the Forest is presented in this book about perhaps Sweden's most celebrity!
Photographer Kenneth Johansson has during all times of the year, with the camera in full view, followed the moose in its natural habitat.

Author and researcher Anna Roos tells in a simple and initiated way about the moose's year; from heat and mating to the birth of the calf. About the ten-tagger, bachelor clubs and hunting seasons. About eating habits, winter habits and the threat along the roads.

Follow the elk's trail together with Kenneth and Anna . They have previously collaborated in the book Utterliv .


Author: Anna Roos, Kenneth Johansson

Format: Hardcover

Language Swedish

Publisher: Votum

ISBN: 9789185815494

Number of pages: 80

Release year: 2011

Dimensions: 230x173x10 mm

Skogens konung (King of the forest)

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kr49.00Sale Price

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