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United Stockholms of America : The Swedes who stayed

Do you know that Stockholm suffers from depopulation but comes to life on Sundays when church calls? Or that Stockholm has organized the World Cup in pinball? In yet another Stockholm, only a cementary along with the memory of a vulnerable colony of sunburnt Swedes in southernmost Texas.

     There are hundreds of places with Swedish or Swedish-sounding names in the U.S. - and at least eight Stockholms. The level of Swedish infuence in these towns and cities varies, and in some places only the last names of people hint at the fact that Swedish immigrants once held a certain degree of infuekce. Others cherish their Swedish heritage with tenderness and pride, albeit with American accents. All are unique and completely different from the Swedish capital they were once named after.

     Photographer Charlie Bennet has traveled to eight different Stockholm towns in the United States. He depicts the beatiful yet desolate and lonely spirit in these depopulated areas. Some of them will soon be gone. Stockholm in Iowa, for example, more or less died when the railroad was rerouted. Stockholm in Maine, however, has maintained its strong Swedish roots.

     The Stockholm towns of this book are located in Iowa, Maine, New York State, Mes Jersey, South Dakota, Minnesota, Texas and Wisconsin - and of course Stockholm, Sweden.

     This book is also available in Swedish. "United Stockholms of America : Svenskarna som stannade"


Author: Charlie Bennet, Gabriel Mellqvist, Anna Maria Bernitz

Binding: Hardback

Language: English

Publisher: Votum & Gullers Förlag

ISBN: 9789187283482

Page count: 144

Published: 2014-06-02

Size: 255x285x20 mm

United Stockholms of America : The Swedes who stayed

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