Made in Sweden : from ABBA to zigzag rule


Sweden is one of the world s most globalised countries with a strong tradition of promoting international free trade and other international connections. Sweden s technologically advanced industry and its capacity for innovation in many different fields has helped make exports of goods and services become an important part of its economy.

In this book, author and business historian Anders Johnson describes a number of successful Swedish innovations. It s about products, corporations and individuals but also about ideas and phenomena. What they all have in common is having their origins in Sweden while also leaving their mark far beyond its borders.


Author: Anders Johnson

Binding: Softcover

Language: English

Publisher: Förlaget Näringslivshistoria

ISBN: 9789198482812

Page count: 150

Published: 2019-04-24

Size: 184x184x24 mm

Made in Sweden : from ABBA to zigzag rule

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