Doftljus - Kåda (kå:da) [Limited edition]



En varm doft med träets friska toner som för tankarna till uppfriskande promenader i våra skogar. Granens yviga skott och spruckna bark har en harmonisk inverkan.

A fresh autumnal scent inspired by early mornings in the forest. Among lichen-covered trees, sotthing bird-songs, and magical mosses, flows a peaceful calm.


Kåda har tagits fram i en begränsad upplaga. Ljuset skänker en harmonisk och romantisk stämning, är handgjort av vax från ekologisk soja och kännetecknas av en rund och djup arom.

Few of us can deny the healing power of the forest. The soothing silence of sleeping fir trees, along with sturdy willow and birch, stand along the paths to lakes and coniferous scents. It is here that our minds are sharpened.

     Torplyktan has it's roots in the heart of the Swedish Västergötland forests, and we cherish all the memories they have given us. It was only a matter of time before our products would be inspired by the scent from the forests of our childhood.

     In this limited edition collection, we introduce our invigorating fragrances KÅDA and BARRSKOG. These lively and warm candles are meticulously handmade from natural soy wax with notes of spring from resin and softwood.


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Brinntid: +40 timmar

Råvara: Sojavax, återvunnet glas

Volym: 160 m

Doftljus - Kåda / Resin

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