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Photo  Print

Hässja * Dalarna


Under the name  Photo Print , we have collected specially selected photographs that are reproduced on an uncoated age-resistant paper of high quality (approx. 200 gr).  This product group also includes some processed photos with thought-provoking texts.


Available in landscape format: 18x13, 30x21, 40x30,  50x40, 70x50 and 100x70. 


Photo: Peter Östergrens


* One  hässja  is a scaffold consisting of standing sturgeons and intermediate strands or tensioned wires. The scaffolding is used to dry a harvest in the form of grass, cataracts and herbs  hay  or to dry shards of grain or rice rice. The scaffolding can be exhibited only seasonally or permanently built. The work of laying hay on the haystack is called that  hässja. Hay on the stand is called  hässjat hö. The stand with applied hay is also often called hay haystack. The use of haymaking decreased sharply during the latter part of the 20th century when the drying of hay was simplified with mechanized hay turners and drying devices in the buildings where the hay was driven in. With increased intake of winter feed in the form of  balar  at the same time, the intake of wild hay decreased and the haymaking decreased further. With the introduction of combine harvesters into agriculture, the grain was threshed at the root and hashing lost its significance.

Poster: Hässja / select format

PriceFrom kr49.00

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